LinkedIn Training in New York and NYC

Have you been considering sponsoring a LinkedIn workshop at your New York or NYC company? Sandra Long and her associates work with sales and HR teams throughout the metropolitan New York area. The most popular programs include "hands-on" instruction and guidance so your employees can craft a LinkedIn profile which incorporates both personal and company branding. 

Before an employee workshop, Post Road Consulting will help your marketing team with company branding using LinkedIn tools and services. Branding is a specialty area for the company. PRC's Sandra Long is the author of the Amazon best-selling book called LinkedIn for Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide.


Sales and HR Training, Coaching, and Consulting

Today's buyers, prospects, and candidates are online researching your company before committing to a phone call, meeting, or interview. We help your team create positive online impressions to attract and engage buyers and candidates.  Our services include training, consulting, and coaching for Social Selling & Social Recruiting.

sandra at new york public librarySandra at New York Public Library

LinkedIn Training for New York or NYC Colleges and Universities:

Post Road Consulting offers workshops for colleges and university staff, alumni, and students. Learn more about our university programs.


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LinkedIn Training New York & NYC