Social Selling: Enhance Your Sales Process

Buyers have changed. Your company needs to establish trust online, usually before the sales process begins. Social Selling gives your team that advantage. Social Selling does not replace the need for face-to-face and phone based sales or prospecting efforts. It doesn't even replace a solid sales process. What it will do is help you to accelerate and enhance your relationship selling. Consider this:

  • Your customers and prospects are already online looking for and engaging your sales team now.
  • Your competitors are online trying to find and network with your customers.
  • Social Selling practices can enhance and deepen customer and prospect relationships.

Social Selling with Post Road Consulting LLC

At Post Road Consulting, we create a customized program for your sales team that supports your corporate social media policies, sales objectives, and your company culture.  Our goals are to help you increase sales and pipeline opportunity by training your team to:

  • Create and maintain professional LinkedIn profiles that reflect your company's brand
  • Find prospects in your target markets
  • Connect and communicate with prospects and buyers
  • Increase network of valuable industry relationships
  • Increase quantity and quality of sales meetings 
  • Increase inbound leads and queries 
  • Improve follow-up and engagement with customers and prospects
  • Leverage LinkedIn's advanced features and premium services (such as Sales Navigator)

Consider our Social Selling programs for your sales team. Please read a few of our sales training testimonials or read more information about Post Road Consulting's corporate training. Or contact us to discuss your specific requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.

Social Selling - Sandra Long