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This page is comprised of special offers AND resources for the readers of my books:

  • LinkedIn for Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide
  • Supercharge Your Notary Business with LinkedIn (Co-author Bill Soroka)
  • Jumpstart Your LinkedIn Profile: 67 Actionable Tips.  BRAND NEW

At the very bottom of this page, please find the Profile Editing Video ⬇️

Special Offers For Readers

Quantity Book Orders

Would you like to order several books for your class, employees, partners, or team? I may be able to provide a discount to you, depending on the quantity. Please contact me at Sandra@PostRoadConsulting.com OR connect on LinkedIn and send me a message that way. Please let me know about your event timing and the quantity.  Please also let me know the book that you want!

Book Clubs

Are you using one of my books for your Book Club? Please reach out to me to get a list of free prompt questions to help spur the conversation!  Please contact me at Sandra@PostRoadConsulting.com or connect on LinkedIn and send me a message that way. 

Live or Virtual Training for Your Organization

Please contact me so we can arrange a conversation to discuss your needs and goals. Feel free to contact me at Sandra@PostRoadConsulting.com OR connect on LinkedIn and send a message that way.

RESOURCE: LinkedIn Profile Editing Video  ⬇️

This video is meant to accompany Sandra Long's LinkedIn books. You will find the basic "how to" for making profile edits in a very quick rundown as described below.

To learn strategy and positioning, please read one of Sandra's books and then plan to watch this video afterward.

Here is the specific timetable for this video  (try to watch all of it if you can 😀)

  • 00:00 - Start here
  • 00:29 - Introduction Card (top of the profile)
  • 00:40 - Banner
  • 00:47 - Photo and frames
  • 01:04 - Contact info
  • 01:55 - Editing the Introduction Card elements
  • 03:25 - Profile Video
  • 03:44 - Add Profile Sections
  • 04:44 - Open to and Services Page
  • 05:38 - More section
  • 06:07 - Resources, creator mode
  • 06:20 - Featured 06: 51 - About
  • 07:10 - Work Experience
  • 08:16 - Education
  • 08:57 - Licenses, Volunteering, etc (also see "add profile sections" above)
  • 09:10 - Skills
  • 10:25 - Add a second language profile
  • 10:35 - Public Profile
  • 11:20 - Custom URL
  • 11:39 - Settings

I can't wait to hear from you and thank you for reading my book(s)