LinkedIn Speaker - Sandra Long

Create an event that is truly memorable.

LinkedIn Speaker Sandra Long has a refreshing and authentic view of business relationships and personal branding that she shares with her audience. She is passionate and very engaged with every group. Sandra will make sure your event is very successful!

Your audience will be motivated and inspired by Sandra's advice on networking and building a personal brand online with LinkedIn.

Sandra connects with her audience through her honesty and by sharing real-life experiences and stories. In addition to actionable tips and ideas, Sandra inspires the attendees to take positive action and to think differently about LinkedIn, social media, networking, and personal branding.

In addition to being a LinkedIn Speaker, Sandra is the author of the best-selling book LinkedIn for Personal Branding; The Ultimate Guide, and President of Post Road Consulting LLC.

Watch Sandra's 11 minutes TEDx talk "LinkedIn for Community: A Super-Power Hiding in Plain Sight"

LinkedIn Speaker Sandra Long is available for:

  • Keynote presentations
  • Sales Kickoffs
  • Conferences
  • Workshop or Session Leader
  • Panelist
  • Book signings
  • Leadership retreats
  • Employee Engagement programs

Sandra's audiences include:

  • Corporations
  • Associations
  • Business people and Industry groups
  • Sales teams
  • HR teams and recruiters
  • Hiring managers
  • C level executives
  • Conference attendees
  • Job seekers
  • University students, staff, and alumni
  • Attorneys and accountants
  • Advisors and consultants

Popular Speaking Topics for LinkedIn Speaker Sandra Long:

  • LinkedIn for Personal Branding; From Zero to Hero
  • Leadership and LinkedIn: Connecting the Dots
  • Hire Better and Faster: LinkedIn for Hiring Managers
  • Impress: LinkedIn Profile Workshop
  • Networking: Real Relationships and the LinkedIn Connection
  • LinkedIn Career Blueprint
  • Amplify: LinkedIn to Grow Your Business
  • Connect: Strategic LinkedIn Networking 
  • Engage: Refreshing LinkedIn Content and Messaging Strategies
  • Social Selling and LinkedIn Sales Navigator for the WIN
  • Maximize Your LinkedIn Presence as a Leader
  • Social Media Across the Generations
  • You are the Brand: Personal Branding Made Easy


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