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Jeff P.
Shelton, CT 5 Stars
Jun 19th, 2014
Sandra Long is very knowledgeable and passionate about social media and how it can help you obtain your goals. She is very thorough and willing to help and coach you through questions or problems. I would recommend their Linked in course if you are just getting started with LinkedIn or need some help in specific area. Great job! Thank you.
Michael D.
New York, NY 5 Stars
Posted on LinkedIn
Jun 6th, 2014
Sandra Long is an expert in her field of Social Media, specifically in the area of LinkedIn. However, Sandra is so much more than simply that. Her knowledge and ability stretch into several areas and her way of working with clients and partners makes her an invaluable asset to have in your corner. I look forward to an extensive and prosperous working relationship and I highly advise anyone who is serious about expanding and growing their business to contact Sandra immediately
Eva G
Westport, CT 5 Stars
Posted on LinkedIn
Jun 3rd, 2014
I am technologically delayed so I greatly appreciate working with Sandy Long on developing my Facebook, YouTube and Linked In capabilities. She is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, supportive and patient. She explained everything to me and vastly improved my social media presence. I really benefited from her small business focus and how to use social media for networking and lead generation. I highly recommend Sandy and will use her many times in the future!
Nancy U.
New London, CT 5 Stars
May 28th, 2014
Thank you so much for everything.
Jennifer R.
Darien, CT 5 Stars
May 28th, 2014
Very well spoken and presented in a clear, understandable and fun manner!
Christine M.
Bridgeport, CT 5 Stars
Apr 28th, 2014
Sandra was a pleasure to work with - knowledgeable, helpful and responsive.
Noel T.
Farmington, CT 5 Stars
Posted on LinkedIn
Apr 8th, 2014
Sandra did a great job training our sales force on how to increase sales with LinkedIn. We learned how to create a strategic profile; the rules of etiquette; how to network and use as a prospecting tool; the benefit of following groups and companies; and how to fit this tool into our sales process. Our team made significant progress in only one week!
Bruno N.
Greenwich, CT 5 Stars
Posted on LinkedIn
Mar 31st, 2014
Sandra was instrumental in helping me to get started with my LinkedIn campaign. After wandering around in darkness talking to other consultants and experts, she directed me with just 2 hour sessions and as a result, my profile went to the top of the search page!! Wahoo, I said. It was also very helpful to me to attend one of her consulting classes. Thanks for everything, Sandra
Andy J.
Bristol, CT 5 Stars
Posted on LinkedIn
Mar 31st, 2014
Sandra Long recently provided LinkedIn training for a dozen or so of our sales and marketing people, and it went great! A few weeks before our onsite session, she gave us homework to do, with specific instructions on how to effectively set up our individual profiles, as well as our company page. We learned the importance of keeping our connections personal, of adding real value to our conversations, and of leveraging opportunities through LinkedIn’s many groups and channels. Thank you, Sandra, for taking the mystery out of this powerful resource
Janet W.
Stamford, CT 5 Stars
Mar 27th, 2014
It was a pleasure for me,too. So sorry we did not get there earlier (I was ready at 8:15!) to set up....You are an inspirational to everyone you meet -- such a pro and yet such a heart. You genuinely do care about your trainees, and it shows.
Susan S. K.
Stratford, CT 5 Stars
Mar 23rd, 2014
Sandy is very knowledgeable, encouraging and warm. We were very comfortable with her and learned a lot in the time we spent with her.
James Q.
Trumbull, CT 5 Stars
Mar 21st, 2014
Excellent instruction...I certainly needed Sandra's help!
Sheila M.
Stratford, CT 5 Stars
Mar 21st, 2014
Sandra has the patience of a Saint!!! I now have a personal Linkedin account thanks to her. I will be relying on her talents for my business as well.
Vicky M.
Greenwich, CT 5 Stars
Posted on LinkedIn
Mar 20th, 2014
I took two small group Linked In courses with Sandra Long. The first was about creating one’s profile and the second was about using LinkedIn to network. I’ve attended approximately 10 LinkedIn lectures, but Sandra’s courses were, by far, the BEST! I had the opportunity to apply what I learned immediately, since we met in a computer lab connected to the Internet! Sandra comes around to each person, makes suggestions, and answers questions, while viewing the participant’s individual profile. I improved my profile by filling in blank sections or improving others. I changed my title, added a new skill, wrote a summary and will add publications. I learned how to follow company pages, found people I want to meet and how to get to them, tagged contacts, and discovered I could use a PDF recommendation from an employer not on LinkedIn. I had several light-bulb moments during the classes! When I went home, it was so much easier to follow through since I had started the newly acquired skills in the class. If I decide to get individual help for LinkedIn, I would hire Sandra Long before anyone else! Take her courses!
Westport, CT 5 Stars
Posted on LinkedIn
Feb 23rd, 2014
Overall I was very happy with my one on one session with Sandra. She is very knowledgeable, passionate, mindful and encouraging with her recommendations. I look forward to working with her more in the future. (The only suggestion I wanted to make is if the payment process could be website based rather than through Facebook? Or just website to paypal directly rather than via facebook. I do have Facebook and Paypal accounts, but was surprised I had to login to both to make a transaction.
Kevin Stranahan
Trumbull, CT 5 Stars
Posted on LinkedIn
Jan 17th, 2014
Sandra was a great facilitator. I appreciated all the help & work in helping me launch my LinkedIn profile. Her advice, info, and suggestions made for a great learning experience!
Bill H.
Fairfield, CT 5 Stars
Posted on LinkedIn
Jan 14th, 2014
Sandra really knows her stuff! She has the feel for the digital world of social media that I lack. Her upgrade of my LinkedIn profile greatly improved my visibility by supercharging my searchablility.
Chris M.
Stratford, CT 5 Stars
Posted on LinkedIn
Jan 11th, 2014
attended a LinkIn seminar given by Sandra the other night and it was excellent. Sandra is very professional and communicates easily with her audience. She certainly brings a wealth of information regarding social media to anyone looking to make the best use of these tools for the marketing of their business
Layne R.
Stamford, CT 5 Stars
Posted on LinkedIn
Dec 30th, 2013
I found the knowledge that Sandra had about social media excellent. She was able to help me improve my Linked-In account. I now have an account that I can use as a marketing tool
Malcolm A.
Westport, CT 5 Stars
Posted on LinkedIn
Dec 23rd, 2013
My profile was greatly improved by Sandra's class. I am very satisfied with the work she did with me to improve my profile.
Rich G.
Boston, MA 5 Stars
Posted on LinkedIn
Nov 10th, 2013
Sandra Long is an effective presenter who does a great job engaging her audience. At a recent conference on Cape Cod, she presented about networking and social media in an interesting and compelling way that had us in the audience wishing for more time. With her background as a sales executive, she has a great perspective on networking, and as an early adopter of LinkedIn (one of the first 4 to 5 million people to start using it), she knows how to blend her networking philosophy with social media. I hope to hear Sandra speak at a future conference - See more at:
Lisa Bonner
Hartford, CT 5 Stars
Posted on LinkedIn
Oct 9th, 2013
Are you getting the most value from your LinkedIn account? Sandra is an excellent coach and has deep expertise in utilizing the platform. She provided one-on-one coaching on my LinkedIn profile and strategies to leverage social media to enhance my personal brand. Sandra helped me re-write my Linked In profile by focusing on key words and my search hits have increased tremendously! She has tips to reposition yourself online, get recruited, generate business leads or just improve your general networking. I highly recommend Sandra Long to help you improve your professional networking and online brand.
Megan W.
Stamford, CT 5 Stars
Posted on LinkedIn
Oct 6th, 2013
Sandra helped polish my interview skills and gave great advice for utilizing social media, especially LinkdeIn during the job search process. Sandra helped make me confident in my skills and experience and made the overwhelming job search process more manageable
Beatrix W.
Norwalk, CT 5 Stars
Posted on LinkedIn
Oct 1st, 2013
Sandra is an exceptional trainer and coach. I had the priviledge of attending a two-part training on LinkedIn led by Sandra; her expertise and enthusiasm for the subject matter is unmatched. I highly recommend Sandra Long as a trainer and coach
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