Word Wealth: Building a CPA’s LinkedIn Profile for Greater Professional Dividends

By Sandra Long

Are you eager to make a lasting impact on clients, prospects, business partners, job candidates, or recruiters? Your LinkedIn profile is brimming with potential to do just that. The specific language and phrasing you use can influence your visibility on LinkedIn and leave a memorable impression on everyone who views your profile.

Word Wealth

Firstly, recognize your unique "brand voice." Acknowledge your personal brand and reflect on your communicative style. Are you perceived as overly self-promotional or too sales-oriented? I aim for a reputation as an approachable expert who prioritizes clients. The language you employ to depict your professional activities will consistently shape impressions. Ensure your brand voice aligns with your professional intentions.

Furthermore, consider revising your profile from a third-person narrative to a more engaging first-person perspective. Imagine the disconnect if I began my profile with "Sandra Long..." – it doesn't resonate. Writing in the first person makes your profile more relatable and story-driven. I advocate for a conversational, modest, supportive, and personable tone. Craft your profile like an engaging story, focusing on client support, problem-solving, or pivotal experiences rather than a mere list of achievements.

Let's talk about keywords. You're likely familiar with them from optimizing your website. LinkedIn's advanced search capabilities mean you need to strategically include keywords like "Accountant" or "CPA" for your profile to appear in search results. Unlike Google's search phrases such as "Help with taxes," LinkedIn users search for professions directly, like "Accountant" or "CPA." Incorporate your unique specialties and precise keywords, such as "staff," "project," "cost," "forensic," or "management" alongside "accounting" to enhance discoverability.

Keywords should resonate with your personal brand and reflect your expertise. They must fit organically within your content, not merely be inserted awkwardly. Carefully select keywords that represent your professional offerings and the services you wish to provide.

Emphasize dynamic words. Choose client-focused action verbs and quantifiable achievements in your profile, particularly in the Experience section. Transform passive descriptions like "responsible for accounting services" into dynamic phrases using verbs like "advising," "creating," "planning," "developing," or "launching." Avoid clichés like "motivated" and "passionate." Powerful language will captivate your audience more effectively.

Lastly, ensure your profile narratives are composed of complete sentences and coherent paragraphs. While bullet lists are useful, introduce them with well-structured sentences. Refrain from using sentence fragments. Devote time to crafting comprehensive sections throughout your profile. Enhance readability by creating white space around your text and meticulously checking spelling and grammar to present with utmost professionalism.

Language wields influence. Remain authentic, precise, specific, and honest. Utilize the formidable tool of language to distinguish yourself, enhance your online presence, and foster exceptional digital connections.