LinkedIn Idea List for Your Summer Internship Program (and your hiring managers too!)

LinkedIn Idea List for Your Summer Intership Program

Interns love the opportunity for career development while working at an internship. Learning about LinkedIn is a perfect chance to build deeper connections with these students. The HR and hiring manager can all take part in working with the interns on this wonderful career development exercise.

I have also noticed that some companies like to embed fun or motivational career activities during the summer or as a capstone event.  

Has your company considered motivating and inspiring your interns via LinkedIn? What are the benefits for your company?

  1. Enhanced company branding and visibility
  2. Improved intern and hiring manager engagement
  3. Enhance the favorability ranking of your program


We have enjoyed working with companies and interns over the past several years. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • LinkedIn Personal Branding Program for Interns and Hiring Managers – Use the program as a special event! Consider sponsoring this motivational event which is applicable to both students and managers. Most clients couple this with a book (gift) for each attendee for the capstone event of the summer. This is a fun and inspirational way to start or end the summer.

  • LinkedIn Personal Branding Book Club – Students and hiring managers each get a copy of the book LinkedIn for Personal Branding. During the summer, there will be a combination of prompts or exercises (or mini-workshops) to facilitate the learning. This is custom designed for your internship cohort and extends the impact.

  • LinkedIn Visibility Project – Work with Post Road Consulting to maximize visibility for the internship program as well as the projects completed. We will custom design a LinkedIn content plan to share the amazing accomplishments and successes. Your company, departments, and managers will enjoy the special summer visibility.

  • Hiring Manager Challenge Program – Part One is repositioning the hiring manager profiles to be more candidate and intern-friendly.  Then your executives will learn how to actively search and attract interns (and new employee candidates) by leveraging LinkedIn more effectively. Why not inspire your hiring managers to be more proactive with hiring?

  • LinkedIn Profile Custom Workshop (or Online Course) for Interns - The interns create a new experience section and headline which describes the work they are doing at your organization. The students also add relevant visuals, videos, and an updated About section if applicable. This program is custom-designed for interns, and it gets them really thinking about the value they bring to your organization. It is fun for the students and enhances your company brand at the same time.

  • LinkedIn Power Play for Interns – Your interns will learn how to maximize their entire internship experience by using LinkedIn for branding, connecting, learning, and career development.  This is a great way to add excitement to the program this year.


Your ideas? Please contact Sandra Long with your ideas. We would love to work with you, your hiring managers, and interns this summer or anytime during the academic year. Reach me at