Create your own School

Create your own SchoolHere are 3 reasons you may want to consider creating an online school for you and your business:

1. Client Attraction and Satisfaction:

Online learning is a fabulous way to attract customers and increase the satisfaction rates of your current clients. Many learners like to have control by taking "self - paced" courses rather than sitting in a classroom. If you sell a specific solution, service, or product, it is likely that your clients need to learn things related to your offering. Most of today's students prefer the time and flexibility of mini-lectures. Rather than relying on old notes, your clients and students can jump back into a short video lesson to refresh their knowledge!

2. Better Geographic Opportunities: 

Now you can service clients effectively across the globe.  The time and travel expense that may have prohibited a learner from the benefits of your training is no longer an issue. You can more easily service corporate clients with learners in multiple locations.

3. Create Efficient Ongoing Revenue

Instead of being paid by the hour or only for your product, you can now leverage your time more efficiently and earn money while helping your clients more.  The online training model allows you to service multiple clients at the same time. Or perhaps an online training program can supplement and enhance your other business.  In the beginning, you make the investment for the creation of your program. Stick with it, and your investment is paid back over time as you have created an online learning business.

Interested to know more?  

I use and recommend the Teachable platform. The company is located in New York City, but Teachable has clients all over the world.   And hopefully we all will too!

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Online courses are very popular; and now very easy to create thanks to Teachable. I built my new online courses using the Teachable platform, and now I am one of their affiliates.  This means I am paid a commission if my clients or friends decide to create their own course with Teachable. And the best part is that the cost for you is exactly the same. I would appreciate it if you decide to work with Teachable, to proceed through the above link as I am working to spread the word about Teachable.  Thank you and happy teaching!