September 2020: Greetings Friends!

Sandra Long

The air is getting chilly here in Connecticut, and I also feel like the energy has changed since Labor Day. Even though the summer was jam-packed for me, things are revving up now for the fall. More Zoom meetings, sales training, and webinars!

Every month I like to share news about LinkedIn feature updates, so this is the September edition!

September LinkedIn Updates

👉 Interesting Trial - LinkedIn is testing a "swipe up" link for the upcoming Stories feature. You may remember one of my past emails where I shared that Stories are being tested in Australia and the Netherlands. A swipe feature will be interesting!

👉 LinkedIn Content - LinkedIn reports that the content on the platform has changed since the beginning of 2020. There is more emotional and human-orientedcontent. And of course, a significant increase in webinars and a decrease in events.

👉 Goodbye to a handy feature - LinkedIn is decommissioning Find Nearby. Sad to see it go, but maybe it's a sign of the pandemic. This was the feature where you could locate other members within a specific radius and send an invitation. I know we all look forward to getting back to events and conferences. Losing this feature reminds me of that.

👉 Excellent for Larger companies and employees - The company page will now show a My Company tab for organizations with over 200 people. If you work for such an outfit, you will engage with your coworkers from this tab. Fantastic!

👉 2 Nice Features for all companies - I have loved the new upgrades for LinkedIn Company pages! Now we can see our company followers and sort them. We also have the built-in Event tab for Pages.

👉 Another Trial - One of my LinkedIn friends reported that they saw a test to send a congratulations message directly from the notification window.

👉 Settings and Privacy - Most of us now have the new version of Settings and Privacy. The same options are there, but they have rearranged in these buckets: Account Preferences, Sign-in and Security, Visibility, Communications, Data Privacy, and Advertising Data. Do you have an opinion? Check out my post and add YOUR two cents!

👉 For Sales folks - Sales Navigator home page appears different with the Q3 changes. As with each quarter, there are many updates. For this quarter, this includes bulk saving to lists, inMail and connection workflow, dashboard redesign, and live chat.

Lots of Book News 📖

➔ I was thrilled to reach a significant milestone - which was my 100th Amazon review of LinkedIn Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide, thanks to my new friend Alex! I posted on LinkedIn to thank him, and here is the link to the actual review.

➔ My book, LinkedIn for Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide, is being updated for 2020 with loads of new chapters, ideas, and the most up to dateadvice. You will hear more about this in October!

I am partnering with a wonderful person named Bill Soroka on another book project. We are co-authoring a book for notaries, which will be available in November. Very niche and fun!

Gratitude to Rutgers University!

I enjoyed doing a webinar last week about Virtual Networking. Here is my gratitude post on LinkedIn. And here is a link to the presentation recording if you wish to view it now.

Gratitude to HubSpot and #Inbound20

I was honored to speak at Inbound20 this week. My topic was Power up Your Pipeline with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. I did a presentation with a QA session afterward. I am especially happy to make so many nice new connections from the event. As a thank you, I made a gratitude video and posted it to LinkedIn. Check it out here.

LinkedIn for Leaders

I am speaking on September 30 for the Leadership Forum. My topic is LinkedIn for Leaders. If you are thinking about branding, hiring, selling, and thought leadership on LinkedIn, you may want to join us. The cost? Free. Here is the link to register.

What's else is coming up soon?

* Book launch and relaunch

* Speaking - the University of Rhode Island AND the National Speakers Association

* Training - LOTS of sales training for companies and teams

* LinkedIn Club - training and activities for business owners and consultants - upcoming classes all fall. LINK

I wish you all a wonderful autumn. 🍁

Please do get in touch if I can help you. I love all the webinars, sales trainings, and Zoom sessions and would love to work with you and your organization!

All the best,

Sandra Long