How to Write a Book Review                                                       Writing a Book Review

If you benefit from reading a book, consider writing a book review. It's the nicest thing you can do for an author! The question often arises: How do I write a book review?

Here are some key tips on how to write a book review on Amazon:

1. If you purchased from Amazon: Go to the top navigation bar and find your "orders" section. Click it and add the review here. It will say "Write a product review" near the book. If it was a kindle > look under "digital orders" and select the kindle version to place your review next to the kindle. 

2. If you did not purchase from Amazon: Go directly to the book page and leave a review on the book page.

3. Decide on the Star Ranking (1-5) and then Be Specific for your description.  Instead of just writing "Great book" or "Super helpful" - it is most valuable to the author if you can describe in some detail what you learned and how you benefitted from the book.  Amazon lets you create a unique headline so use the headline and the review section to be specific about the book value.  If you give an example of how you benefitted - that is fantastic! And don't think your description needs to be too long! A couple of benefit sentences is perfect.

4. Don't get personal.  Make the review about the book and the benefit / value. This is not the place to mention that you know the author, because no one will care and it will make the review less valuable to the author.

5. You have Name options. With Amazon, you can enter your actual name on the review OR use an abbreviation like John M. or Susan Z. Do whatever is right for you in regards to the name on the review. Generally using just your full name OR your first name and last initial is usually a good idea. It is a bit better to use some version of your name, rather than "Amazon customer."

Thank you for reading this.  Any author would appreciate a new book review!  This makes the book more valuable in the rankings and more appealing to potential buyers!  

Here is the link to my book review section, just in case you need it .  Thanks so much!