Social Recruiting: Build Your Talent Pipeline

Candidate Job Search has dramatically changed over the past decade. Is your company equipped for this new reality?

Consider these facts:

  • Savvy job seekers are 9 x more likely to research employees online
  • 70% of people are hired where they have a connection
  • 40% of global professionals are researching careers now (LinkedIn)
  • Today's talent is increasingly online networking and searching for opportunities
  • 70% of new jobs are found from networking (US Dept of Labor)

Social Recruiting with Post Road Consulting

Despite the fact that many candidates are open to new opportunities, it is still a challenge for many organizations to find them. Post Road Consulting makes it easier with our focused training solutions.  Build a robust talent pipeline and shorten the recruiting cycle time.

Post Road Consulting helps organizations to:

Social Recruiting

  • Empower employees to build LinkedIn profiles that best display your Employer Brand
  • Increase engagement with passive candidates
  • Empower employees to help attract new candidates
  • Discover new talent online and offline
  • Increase referrals from employees
  • Leverage LinkedIn's premium features and services, including LinkedIn Recruiter
  • Understand your online talent brand and the 16 online sources your candidates will visit before applying

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