University Career Services Support

Sandra Speaking at Cornell University
Sandra Long at Cornell University

The process of landing a new position has changed dramatically over the past two decades.  How have universities adapted to keep pace?  

Consider these statistics:

* The average job opening attracts 250 resumes (Glassdoor)

* LinkedIn is a recruiters #1 social platform (Jobvite)

* 44% of recent grads find it difficult to find to land that first job (Accenture)

* Most jobs are found through employee referral (Jobvite)

University Challenges:

The challenge for college and university staff is compounded by LinkedIn's constant state of change and continual introduction of new updates. Not to mention that most colleges haven't re-engineered the support model for Career Services. Staff are still required to focus on assessments, resumes, mock interviews, cover letters, and employer relationships. But now the new need of LinkedIn and social media guidance has emerged for schools. 

3 Questions:

Does your team have the bandwidth to keep up to date on LinkedIn? Do they have time to develop leading-edge career solutions for your students, graduates, and alumni?  What is your school doing to ensure that the graduate employment statistics are the best it can be?

Here is how Post Road Consulting may assist you:

* LinkedIn Profile Support - Tools and training

* LinkedIn Advanced Job Search Support - Tools and training

* PRC's "Alumni Referral Program" - Tools and training


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