Employer Branding, Social Recruiting, and Talent Acquisition

Candidates today are on a digital journey to find and connect to new opportunities. They are also interested in working at companies that share their values and are connected to their personal network.  Employer branding and Social Recruiting are essential strategies for today’s Human Resource leaders.   We help our clients to influence savvy candidates who are on this career journey. Our program includes:

Create brand impressions and engage with candidates on LinkedIn

Candidates will be looking at your company and employees online during the career journey. Post Road Consulting offers advice, consulting, and training to help your organization create the best first impression for these savvy candidates. This may include:

* LinkedIn Profiles, Branding, and Unique Candidate Engagement Strategies for Recruiting Team or Hiring Managers - Training and online tools

* LinkedIn Company Page or Group - Creation, Training, Consulting or Support

* "LinkedIn for Personal Branding"  - Books and training for employees as a part of a workshop, kickoff, or departmental / company event 

Employer Branding

Employee Value Proposition

The most meaningful EVP's are employee driven.  We help our clients to create and validate an EVP with their employees. Typical engagements include co -developed employee surveys, focus groups, and manager workshops.

Understand your candidate's digital experience

Candidates often visit 6 – 12 websites to learn about your organization once they become initially interested. Where does your company stand across the web with candidates? Do you really know? Post Road Consulting offers a detailed Talent Brand Audit which examines all the digital touch points for your prospective candidates. Our proprietary and custom Playbook provides detailed recommendations for online employer branding improvements. Our clients use this playbook to inform their decision making, prioritize issues, assign tasks to team members or consultants, and procure any additional resources needed to make the necessary changes. 

Equip your recruiters for success

Recruiters need to be equipped with more than just the digital tools to do their jobs effectively.  Are they tapping into the optimum networks for your company? Are they themselves connected to pools of candidates? Do they know all the ins and outs of LinkedIn's functionality?   We help your recruiting team to leverage LinkedIn more effectively and efficiently.

Increase Employee Referrals

Employee referrals are the #1 way that companies find new candidates.  We help you leverage and train your employees to increase and improve the employee referral funnel. We can help your employees and/or hiring managers to assist in your company's recruiting efforts!

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