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LinkedIn Speaker

Post Road Consulting LLC Owner Sandra Long is a corporate and university speaker who specializes in LinkedIn for business and career. Sandra speaks at conferences, companies, association meetings and universities. Her presentations include:

  • LinkedIn and Personal Branding
  • Real Relationships and The LinkedIn Connection
  • Be a Social Leader: What you Need to Know Now

LinkedIn Training

Post Road Consulting LLC offers LinkedIn training and consulting for corporations, organizations, universities, and associations. Corporate LinkedIn Training is available for sales, recruiting, career development and personal branding purposes. Post Road Consulting’s typical training clients are:

  • Sales teams who are trying to enhance their sales results using LinkedIn. PRC helps the team with personal and company branding, profiles, company pages, network building, and sales strategies. We also help them to upgrade and fully leverage the LinkedIn premium services, such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, if beneficial and suitable for their sales process.
  • HR and Recruiting teams that are using a combination of LinkedIn Recruiter licenses, LinkedIn Company pages, and Job postings for talent acquisition. Our HR customers are interested in branding, building a talent pipeline by networking and various LinkedIn search strategies.
  • Marketing teams who are interested in instituting Social Selling or Employee Advocacy programs. Often they have compelling company content to share on the LinkedIn platform. We help the marketing team to integrate their efforts with Sales and effectively introduce Social Selling.
  • Teams of all functions (and from various industries) that are introduced to LinkedIn for personal and company branding, network building and thought leadership. Post Road Consulting is experienced working with engineering, legal, accounting, finance, customer service, operations and all major corporate functions.
Customer Reviews from New York
Jon B from New York, NY
5 Stars
Reviewed on LinkedIn
Feb 12th, 2020
We hired Sandra to improve our sales team's ability to use Linked In to prospect and generate leads. She worked with us to design a custom banner for our sales executives to use on their personal LinkedIn sites and provided an entire program with tips and tools to help them 1) improve their profiles, 2) better leverage Linked in to build their networks and 3) more effectively reach prospects with targeted messages. Sandra is a true LinkedIn expert and I found her to be easy to work with and someone who always delivered on her commitments. I would highly recommend her to others wishing to better leverage LinkedIn within their organization.
Todd Cherches from New York, NY
5 Stars
Reviewed on LinkedIn
Jan 17th, 2020
When it comes to personal branding, I always ask my coaching clients and my graduate students the question: "In your career, what do you, ultimately, want to be known as 'the guru of' or 'the go-to person for'?" Well, when it comes to all things LinkedIn-related, as far as I am concerned, the Guru of... and the Go-to Person for...LinkedIn is Sandra Long of Post Road Consulting! An excellent presenter, trainer, and facilitator, Sandra, literally, "wrote the book" on this subject, with her must-read masterwork, "LinkedIn for Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide." So when it comes to building your brand -- both online and offline -- you can't make a better decision than to reach out to Sandra she, herself, is "the ultimate guide" in this area.
Ben Powers from New York, NY
5 Stars
Reviewed on LinkedIn
May 13th, 2016
I highly recommend Sandra Long to both Individuals and Organizations looking to maximize their efficiency and profitability. Her ability to deliver relevant value leveraged by the power of LinkedIn is remarkable. I have attended her classes, co-delivered workshops with her and seen her interact with other professionals at numerous business networking events. Sandra's passion for helping people and businesses to effectively share their message is unending. Her technical expertise, talent for delivering powerful information at just the right pace and her overall energetic and inspiring style make it easy to see why she is becoming so sought after. Not only do I recommend Sandra, I recommend getting in touch with her now, before she's totally booked solid!
A. Corona from New York, NY
5 Stars
Reviewed on LinkedIn
Nov 9th, 2014
Sandra is a very professional and knowledgeable woman when it comes to helping anyone with LinkedIn. She will give you the in depth experience of how to stand out and get more views on your profile. How to have a presentable profile. What words to use. And she does it with passion. She is very friendly. And I would recommend her to anyone. I truly appreciate her for what she did
Ira S. from New York, NY
5 Stars
Reviewed on LinkedIn
Nov 6th, 2014
Sandra is an excellent instructor. She covers the subject matter comprehensively and effectively, and her enthusiasm for the subject matter is infectious. I also appreciated her conscientious attempts to provide personalized attention to the more technologically challenged students in the class (such as myself).
Michael D. from New York, NY
5 Stars
Reviewed on LinkedIn
Jun 6th, 2014
Sandra Long is an expert in her field of Social Media, specifically in the area of LinkedIn. However, Sandra is so much more than simply that. Her knowledge and ability stretch into several areas and her way of working with clients and partners makes her an invaluable asset to have in your corner. I look forward to an extensive and prosperous working relationship and I highly advise anyone who is serious about expanding and growing their business to contact Sandra immediately