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Post Road Consulting LLC Owner Sandra Long is a corporate and university speaker who specializes in LinkedIn for business and career. Sandra speaks at conferences, companies, association meetings and universities. Her presentations include:

  • LinkedIn and Personal Branding
  • Real Relationships and The LinkedIn Connection
  • Be a Social Leader: What you Need to Know Now

LinkedIn Training

Post Road Consulting LLC offers LinkedIn training and consulting for corporations, organizations, universities, and associations. Corporate LinkedIn Training is available for sales, recruiting, career development and personal branding purposes. Post Road Consulting’s typical training clients are:

  • Sales teams who are trying to enhance their sales results using LinkedIn. PRC helps the team with personal and company branding, profiles, company pages, network building, and sales strategies. We also help them to upgrade and fully leverage the LinkedIn premium services, such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, if beneficial and suitable for their sales process.
  • HR and Recruiting teams that are using a combination of LinkedIn Recruiter licenses, LinkedIn Company pages, and Job postings for talent acquisition. Our HR customers are interested in branding, building a talent pipeline by networking and various LinkedIn search strategies.
  • Marketing teams who are interested in instituting Social Selling or Employee Advocacy programs. Often they have compelling company content to share on the LinkedIn platform. We help the marketing team to integrate their efforts with Sales and effectively introduce Social Selling.
  • Teams of all functions (and from various industries) that are introduced to LinkedIn for personal and company branding, network building and thought leadership. Post Road Consulting is experienced working with engineering, legal, accounting, finance, customer service, operations and all major corporate functions.

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Customer Reviews from Fairfield ( 5 out of 140 reviews )

  • Fairfield, CT | April 20, 2018

I had the pleasure of hosting Sandra Long at Fairfield Public Library for a Job Series program, LinkedIn and Your Career. We try to have at least one LinkedIn event per season. Sandra hit this out of the park. She was organized, connected with our job seeking patrons, and gave a tight program which came in at 75 minutes - my personal favorite length for evening programs. I highly recommend Sandra for speaking due to her expertise with LinkedIn and her warm and engaging speaking style.

  • Fairfield, CT | November 03, 2017

Wonderful experience working with Post Road Consulting. I highly recommend utilizing them for their services as they take their time to truly listen, engage, partner and work with the individual needs of the client. I worked with Heather who was terrific! Thank you!

  • Fairfield, CT | July 06, 2016

I am looking forward to attending future small group workshops. Thanks I'm off to a great start!

  • Fairfield, CT | April 09, 2015
  • Posted on LinkedIn

Sandra took time out of her very busy schedule to speak to my Persuasive Writing Class at Fairfield University. Sandra delivered a focused presentation on using LinkedIn as a job search tool by networking and building relationships. Sandra guided the students through all of the components of LinkedIn, and gave step-by-step instructions for using the site effectively. Sandra’s support was not limited to the classroom, she offered for students to connect with her on LinkedIn and maintain this relationship with her for networking purposes. Sandra is not only a LinkedIn expert; she has extensive knowledge of the entire job search process and how to brand yourself to potential employers. Having her as a connection is very meaningful for my students because of her wealth of information and advice. The students appreciated her LinkedIn advice, which empowered them to go out of their comfort zone and connect with people that will lead them to both internship and career opportunities. Sandra emphasized the importance of using LinkedIn as a way to maintain relationships with people that you might not see after graduation in order to keep them in your professional network. She also emphasized her personal philosophy for connecting with people on LinkedIn, which is to connect with people that you know. By starting with people that you know, she assured my students that their connections would be more meaningful and productive, as people are more willing to help those that they know personally. Sandra was able to provide my students with advice that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives. She taught them to respect their connections, to approach them in a kind and professional way, and to network in a way that will lead them closer to their goals. All of my students felt that this was one of the most important and relevant presentations they had seen thus far, and they appreciated how willing and able Sandra was to respond to their personal questions. Thank you, Sandra, for your time and effort!

  • Fairfield, CT | November 05, 2014

Sandra did an outstanding job for people in my organization. She is a really good instructor and I highly recommend her.

  • Fairfield, CT | October 22, 2014
  • Posted on LinkedIn

Sandra's positive attitude, professional demeanor and marketing mastery made her class on LinkedIn time well spent. I do and would recommend it to anyone looking to increase their marketing potential and comprehension of what LinkedIn has to offer; whether they are a beginning or an expert. The class was separated into two meetings which enabled me to stay focused and to manage my work schedule. The information was delivered in a clear and organized manner, with implementation on my own profile in class from my laptop. Further, my follow-ups with Sandra keep me current, motivated and connected. Sandra is an incredible source of information and motivation. She truly is "Locked-on" on LinkedIn

  • Fairfield, CT | August 20, 2014

What seemed overwhelming for a very busy professional, Sandra broke it down into parts and made building a professional profile very easy. I am now proud to show my page to other professionals I meet and want to connect with.

  • Fairfield, CT | January 14, 2014
  • Posted on LinkedIn

Sandra really knows her stuff! She has the feel for the digital world of social media that I lack. Her upgrade of my LinkedIn profile greatly improved my visibility by supercharging my searchablility.