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Post Road Consulting LLC Owner Sandra Long is a corporate and university speaker who specializes in LinkedIn for business and career. Sandra speaks at conferences, companies, association meetings and universities. Her presentations include:

  • LinkedIn and Personal Branding
  • Real Relationships and The LinkedIn Connection
  • Be a Social Leader: What you Need to Know Now

LinkedIn Training

Post Road Consulting LLC offers LinkedIn training and consulting for corporations, organizations, universities, and associations. Corporate LinkedIn Training is available for sales, recruiting, career development and personal branding purposes. Post Road Consulting’s typical training clients are:

  • Sales teams who are trying to enhance their sales results using LinkedIn. PRC helps the team with personal and company branding, profiles, company pages, network building, and sales strategies. We also help them to upgrade and fully leverage the LinkedIn premium services, such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, if beneficial and suitable for their sales process.
  • HR and Recruiting teams that are using a combination of LinkedIn Recruiter licenses, LinkedIn Company pages, and Job postings for talent acquisition. Our HR customers are interested in branding, building a talent pipeline by networking and various LinkedIn search strategies.
  • Marketing teams who are interested in instituting Social Selling or Employee Advocacy programs. Often they have compelling company content to share on the LinkedIn platform. We help the marketing team to integrate their efforts with Sales and effectively introduce Social Selling.
  • Teams of all functions (and from various industries) that are introduced to LinkedIn for personal and company branding, network building and thought leadership. Post Road Consulting is experienced working with engineering, legal, accounting, finance, customer service, operations and all major corporate functions.

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Customer Reviews from Danbury ( 5 out of 140 reviews )

  • Danbury, CT | April 09, 2020
  • Posted on LinkedIn

Sandra is a bonafide class act and consummate professional. She is a compelling speaker whom I have seen speak on multiple occasions. Each and every presentation I have seen her give or meeting I have attended that she has led was filled with valuable and tangible takeaways. Sandra's phenomenal knowledge of using LinkedIn for business as well as her understanding the shifting landscape of the B2B online marketplace is unmatched. If you are a business owner or leader you would be well served to seek out her services!

  • Danbury, CT | April 27, 2017

Sandra and her team delivered two outstanding LinkedIn workshops for our students which really opened their eyes not only to the value of the LinkedIn tool, but to the many creative ways that it can be used to move their careers forward. She was so knowledgeable, gracious and engaging...we loved being able to have her here (twice!) What a treat for our great students

  • Danbury, CT | November 25, 2016
  • Posted on LinkedIn

I had the pleasure to see Sandra speak twice on personal branding using Linkedin. She is very informative but even better connects with everyone with the right amount of information for you to walk away with something of value. She is very knowledgeable with Linkedin and comes highly recommended for those who attend her seminars at the Stamford Innovation Center. Her book is also highly recommended for those seriously considering using Linkedin to their advantage

  • Danbury, CT | September 16, 2016

I met with Sandra one time and the information she shared with me about my LinkedIn profile immediately gave me positive results. As an Employment Specialist LinkedIn is a huge part of my business. All the workshops, articles, and blogs I read about managing LinkedIn didn't add up to the knowledge I received from Sandra in one hour. I am confident she will quickly become your LinkedIn-go-to person.

  • Danbury, CT | July 15, 2015

As a global operations and business development leader it became obvious to me that having a top notch LinkedIn profile and an understanding of how to effectively us the tool to network was very important. I have attended two of Sandra's seminars - one for building a profile and the second to learn network techniques. I was pleased that Sandra personally taught both sessions - as she is clearly a LinkedIn expert. Both classes very extremely professional and packed with the right information to enable maximum value from LinkedIn. I would highly recommend her seminars for any professional wishing to become competent with the LinkedIn.