LinkedIn Corporate Training

Buyers and candidates are now in charge of the sales and talent process. Most of them are on digital journeys to connect in meaningful ways with their networks. Today's sales and HR teams are now adapting to this new reality. Today there are entirely new ways to find, connect, and network with new sales prospects and candidates. Social Media has revolutionized our ability to build, strengthen, and support valuable relationships.


We help your teams create professional LinkedIn Profiles that display a personal and company brand together in a way to attract clients and candidates. Your employees are your best brand ambassadors.  Your customers, prospects, and candidates are looking at your employee profiles now.  Today's buyers and your future employees care about who they will be working with more than ever. Post Road Consulting has experience with a wide variety of corporate departments and functions. Learn more about LinkedIn Personal and Company Branding for your department or team.

Our LinkedIn Sales training helps generate leads

Social Selling

Cold calling has become significantly harder over the last decade.  Many of today's buyers won't pick up the phone, respond to an email, or answer the door. This means that your sales team may need new approaches and warm referrals to get invited to participate in conversations about new opportunities. We teach your team how to find and engage with current customers and new prospects. Let's help your team navigate the LinkedIn platform for the purpose of selling with the best online etiquette. We teach them the latest strategies to help them get new prospect meetings. We also help your team to leverage and optimize the advanced features and premium services available from LinkedIn, such as Sales Navigator. Learn more about Social Selling from Post Road Consulting.

Social Recruiting

Your company's potential candidates are often skeptical to make a career change without knowing more about your recruiters, hiring managers, and senior leaders. Your entire team impacts your company's ability to recruit the best talent. Your team can learn to make a great online impression and be able to build relationships both online and offline. Beyond the company and personal branding, the PRC team can help you identify, connect, and communicate with talent using or LinkedIn Recruiter platform. Your company has the opportunity to build a warm talent pipeline using LinkedIn - and we would love to help you get there. We help in many ways - please learn more.

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