Satisfaction Survey for Post Road Consulting

  • Comment: Sandra and her team recently conducted a workshop at my company. Best, most valuable 3 hours spent at a workshop in a long time. Sandra researched our firm, investigated our biggest challenges such as lack of employer branding and recruiting in a noninvasive, quick, enjoyable manner. At the workshop, she and her team provided our company information (and hands on instruction) to be uploaded onto our personal pages for a top notch professional look! Our employees have now become brand ambassadors for our organization while simultaneously improving their personal image! All 20 attendees of this workshop had fantastic feedback and felt the 3 hour workshop was well worth their time! Since the workshop was so hands on, all participants walked away with a finished product for their LI profiles. We will be working more with PRC in 2017 for enhanced client prospecting/LI strategies, specifically for our sales team. Thank you Sandra, Heather and Craig for making me look good to my employees! I am considered an HR hero because of you!
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