Satisfaction Survey for Post Road Consulting

  • Comment: Sandra took time out of her very busy schedule to speak to my Persuasive Writing Class at Fairfield University. Sandra delivered a focused presentation on using LinkedIn as a job search tool by networking and building relationships. Sandra guided the students through all of the components of LinkedIn, and gave step-by-step instructions for using the site effectively. Sandra‚Äôs support was not limited to the classroom, she offered for students to connect with her on LinkedIn and maintain this relationship with her for networking purposes. Sandra is not only a LinkedIn expert; she has extensive knowledge of the entire job search process and how to brand yourself to potential employers. Having her as a connection is very meaningful for my students because of her wealth of information and advice. The students appreciated her LinkedIn advice, which empowered them to go out of their comfort zone and connect with people that will lead them to both internship and career opportunities. Sandra emphasized the importance of using LinkedIn as a way to maintain relationships with people that you might not see after graduation in order to keep them in your professional network. She also emphasized her personal philosophy for connecting with people on LinkedIn, which is to connect with people that you know. By starting with people that you know, she assured my students that their connections would be more meaningful and productive, as people are more willing to help those that they know personally. Sandra was able to provide my students with advice that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives. She taught them to respect their connections, to approach them in a kind and professional way, and to network in a way that will lead them closer to their goals. All of my students felt that this was one of the most important and relevant presentations they had seen thus far, and they appreciated how willing and able Sandra was to respond to their personal questions. Thank you, Sandra, for your time and effort!
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