Satisfaction Survey for Post Road Consulting

  • Comment: I met Sandra at a networking event she hosted, The topic was about using Linked in for networking. In just one short hour I was hooked. I had been to many other such events and watched webinars, but they were hosted by IT people, not a sales / business woman. The difference was profound. The other instructors taught me how to flood certain fields with keywords that I wanted to be know for, and sure enough, if I searched for those words, my profile would come up high in the ranking, but my profile never felt right. Sandra as a sales / business woman intuitively knows what we are REALY looking to accomplish. She taught us that it is important to use keywords, but that the profile must be authentic and represent my personal brand. That afternoon I changed my profile, I no longer accept or request anonymous people. I saw Sandra this morning at another event, and I though about how important a tool Linked in has become since I started using Sandra's advice, and I have decided I want to take a class with her. If you want real advice - Business Person to Business Person contact Sandra.
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