Satisfaction Survey for Post Road Consulting

Reviewed By: Vicky M.
Location: Greenwich, CT

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Comment I took two small group Linked In courses with Sandra Long. The first was about creating one’s profile and the second was about using LinkedIn to network. I’ve attended approximately 10 LinkedIn lectures, but Sandra’s courses were, by far, the BEST! I had the opportunity to apply what I learned immediately, since we met in a computer lab connected to the Internet! Sandra comes around to each person, makes suggestions, and answers questions, while viewing the participant’s individual profile. I improved my profile by filling in blank sections or improving others. I changed my title, added a new skill, wrote a summary and will add publications. I learned how to follow company pages, found people I want to meet and how to get to them, tagged contacts, and discovered I could use a PDF recommendation from an employer not on LinkedIn. I had several light-bulb moments during the classes! When I went home, it was so much easier to follow through since I had started the newly acquired skills in the class. If I decide to get individual help for LinkedIn, I would hire Sandra Long before anyone else! Take her courses!
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