Satisfaction Survey for Post Road Consulting

  • Reviewed By: Dan Cole
  • Location: Washington, DC
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  • Comment: We engaged Sandra Long to coach our sales and business development teams on maximizing the potential of LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. Working with Sandra was a true pleasure. Her expertise in the field is undeniable, backed by a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success. Sandra was not just knowledgeable but incredibly approachable and easy to work with.
    Her training program exceeded all our expectations. We began by revamping everyone's LinkedIn profiles to make them more relative to what we do and what sets us apart from others.
    She equipped our team with the tools and strategies that complimented and, in part, transformed our way of doing things.
    If you want to empower your sales team to leverage the power of LinkedIn, I wholeheartedly recommend Sandra Long. Her expertise and her respectful and collaborative approach were a game-changer for us.
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