The Post Road Consulting LLC Team:

We are proud of our dedicated team. In addition to owner/ manager Sandra Long, the team consists of Heather Salvatore, Craig Patton, Amy Krompinger, Kristin Isaac, Alexis Bates, and Jacqui Nichols. Sandra Long is the primary instructor and speaker. Craig, Amy, and Heather assist Post Road clients with personal and company branding. In addition, Craig is a writer; Heather is a branding and resume specialist; and Amy is a recruiter. Kristin and Alexis are LinkedIn advertising experts and sales strategists.  Jacqui is in Denver and provides marketing, sales, and technology support. We get the work done and manage to have fun doing it!

  • Sandra Long, LinkedIn speaker

    Sandra is the author of best-selling LinkedIn for Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide. In addition to being an author, Sandra is an entrepreneur, speaker and trainer on topics related to LinkedIn, Personal Branding, LinkedIn profiles, Social Selling and Social Recruiting. She is a regular speaker at corporations, conferences, associations and industry events. Hear her TEDx speech about LinkedIn Community. You can learn more about Sandra on her LinkedIn profile. Click here

    - Sandra Long
    Company Owner, LinkedIn Trainer and Speaker

  • Heather of Post Road Consulting

    Heather has over 10 years experience in public relations and brand marketing for a global PR firm and Fortune 500 company. She brings a unique perspective - and a love for writing - to the Post Road Consulting team. An eternal optimist, she is passionate about training executives and corporations on the value of developing and leveraging a strong personal brand starting with their LinkedIn profiles. You can learn more about Heather on her LinkedIn profile page. Click here

    - Heather Salvatore
    Brand and Marketing Consultant

  • Craig

    Craig has over 15 years of marketing and communications experience in corporate environments as well as not-for-profit businesses and organizations. At PRC, Craig works with clients to update and enhance their LinkedIn profiles, manage LinkedIn pages, manage LinkedIn groups, and improve their Amazon Author Page as well as their Facebook and YouTube presence. You can learn more about Craig on his LinkedIn profile page. Click here

    - Craig Patton
    Social Media Consultant

  • Amy of Post Road Consulting

    Amy comes to PRC with 6 years of Human Resources and Recruiting experience. Networking and sourcing on LinkedIn allowed her to be successful in her corporate life. She now brings that knowledge and love for connecting with people to PRC. Amy specializes in Talent Acquisition strategies and programs for Post Road Consulting clients, in addition to contributing to many company projects. You can learn more about Amy on her LinkedIn profile page. Click here

    - Amy Krompinger
    Talent Acquisition Consultant

  • Kristin of Post Road Consulting

    Kristin has extensive global experience developing strategy, managing sales teams, recruiting, and leading businesses for some of the world's leading global companies (LinkedIn, ESPN, Walt Disney, BBC, Time Warner's HBO) across Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Kristin is currently based in Chicago. She has an MBA from Columbia University and London Business School and is a die-hard Badger from Wisconsin. Outside of work, she enjoys jogging, skiing and traveling. You can learn more about Kristin on her LinkedIn profile page. Click here

    - Kristin Isaac
    LinkedIn Speaker and Consultant

  • Alexis Bates

    Alexis is a LinkedIn veteran with extensive advertising experience. Over her career, she has worked closely with leading marketers, advertising agencies and digital media companies. In partnership with her clients, she has developed advertising strategies across several industries, including financial services, travel, education and beauty. Through these efforts she has worked with several top brands such as Goldman Sachs, AIG, PNC Bank, Delta Air Lines, L'Oréal, Columbia University, DeVry and ACE. As her passion for LinkedIn expands far beyond advertising, she also assists Post Road Consulting with various projects across the LinkedIn platform. You can learn more about Alexis on her LinkedIn profile. Click here

    - Alexis Bates
    LinkedIn Advisor and Advertising Specialist

  • Peggy Bud

    Peggy Bud, Speaking Skillfully, is a valuable PRC partner. She has a BS from Indiana University in Speech/Language Pathology an MS and a 6th -Year Certificate in Educational Leadership from Southern Connecticut State University. She’s the Founder of Speaking Skillfully and Director of Recruitment for The Financial Executives Consulting Group. She has spoken to and trained organizations across many industries including law, finance, health, engineering, and education. She brings her knowledge and expertise to clients related to the power of effective communication verbally, visually, and vocally. Her speaking topics include: Success Across the Generations, Bridging the Gender Divide, The Attributes of Effective Communication, The Art of Listening, Unconscious Bias, and Workplace Conflict. You can find out more on her LinkedIn profile Click here

    - Peggy Bud
    Communications, Gender, and Generations

  • Jacqui headshot

    Jacqui has a strong background in sales, marketing and customer support. She is creative and tech savvy. She loves to use cloud-based marketing tools to support Post Road Consulting. Jacqui is based in Denver Colorado. You can learn more about Jacqui on her LinkedIn profile. Click here

    - Jacqui Nichols
    Social Media and Technology