Slow Job Recovery Sparks growth in Coaching article by Betty Wong.

Printed in CT Post on August 5, 2014.

Excerpts from Article featuring Sandra:

....LinkedIn expert .... Sandra Long, president of Westport-based Post Road Consulting, who urges job seekers to first target companies by selecting those that "fit your interests, passion and values. Second, focus on those companies that you can be referred into. In order to do this, use LinkedIn to sort through your contacts to find the best warm referral opportunities."

Long teaches a class on LinkedIn Networking on how to "find valuable new connections through Groups or Advanced Search. From there, we create strategies to turn an online connection into a real world meeting and relationship."

Long, who has a background in sales and business development and was an "early adaptor" of LinkedIn in 2005, said those seeking new business leads need to have a "great personal profile that is customer friendly. What can you say that will make people call you? A welcoming video, a message in the summary, how to contact you. Secondly, for a lot of entrepreneurs it makes sense to have a company page." Click here for full article