Create Brand Ambassadors on LinkedIn

Personal & Company Branding for the Whole Team or Company

50 million profiles are viewed on LinkedIn every day. In fact, two new people are joining LinkedIn every second. Did you know that the number one activity for LinkedIn users is profile viewing?  

94% of buyers research vendors through their LinkedIn profiles. And today's candidates use profile viewing as the first part of their career research.

Your clients, prospects, and candidates are looking at your team or company online. The LinkedIn profile has become the new first impression. Most of those views are happening before a sales meeting or interview. You can expect additional profile views if your team is making presentations, working with the media, conducting interviews, going on sales calls, or attending events. 

LinkedIn Branding Workshops for Employees

Your employees should be the best brand ambassadors for your company. Your brand includes both the marketing brand and the employer or talent brand. 

More and more companies, teams, and departments are making the decision to help their employees be the best possible ambassadors for the business with a LinkedIn Personal Branding program from Post Road Consulting. We help your employees display their special expertise along with your company brand.  

We also provide many other services for Corporations, Small businesses, Attorneys, Individual Professionals, Non-ProfitsColleges and Universities. Please contact us!