Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Are you considering developing a social media marketing program? Amplify your marketing when all of your social media platforms are coordinated and linked together and aligned with your other marketing efforts. 

Social Media marketing success depends on up-front goal setting and a clear understanding of the audience you wish to reach. Sometimes it makes more sense to start slowly and then increase your presence over time. Let us help you evaluate your needs. We can help you every step of the way.


LinkedIn will help your company with branding, sales and talent acquisition. Find and be found by customers, prospects, partners, candidates, and suppliers. Link your website and other social platforms. Leverage great content to get noticed. Post Road Consulting LLC offers several LinkedIn consulting and training programs for companies and organizations.


Facebook will help your company easily raise brand awareness. Consider photo and video sharing on Facebook. Manage your events and consider live video. Your regular Facebook updates are a more proactive way to reach your customers and prospects than relying on them to visit your website regularly. We will set up your Facebook business page, and then train you or manage it for you.


Twitter allows for near real time conversations that can impact customer service, brand awareness, and reputation.  Market research, recruiting and promotions can be amplified on Twitter. We can set up your Twitter page; train you or manage the page for you. 


YouTube is the best place to host videos because of the many Google search and branding advantages. We work with our clients to create branded YouTube Business Channels. the PRC team will also show you how to optimize your videos for search as they are uploaded; or manage your video library for you.


Owned by LinkedIn, SlideShare is the best social media repository for your slide presentations. At Post Road Consulting LLC, we set up your SlideShare page and provide introductory training OR manage your presentation library for you.

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