Job Seeker Services


job seeker services

There is no doubt that LinkedIn can help you get a new position if you use it well.  LinkedIn is where recruiters and hiring managers spend time searching and evaluating candidates today.

But don't think being on LinkedIn will suddenly produce magical job offers. 

LinkedIn is the greatest tool, but you still need to plan to do a lot of the work yourself.  Yes, this means crafting a compelling profile that matches your unique personal brand and building a strategic network.  The more you focus on these things, the easier it will be to secure an exciting job offer.  

In fact, the #1 way to get hired is from an employee referral. And yes we want to help you on this journey. In our LinkedIn Career Power program, we teach you all the steps you will need -  including how to find and develop employee relationships so you can get referred. 

Post Road Consulting Services for Job Seekers 

* LinkedIn Career Power Course which is a membership course within Post Road Academy. This is a three-course bundle which includes LinkedIn Strategic Profile; LinkedIn Networking and Community; and LinkedIn Job Search. Please scroll down and look at the complete curriculum for each course. This is self - paced program and you stay as long as you wish. This is a great low cost "Do it Yourself" option.

* LinkedIn Profile "Done for You" Profile in combination with the courses - which offers strategic writing or a complete "Done for you" profile program. After the profile is complete, you will work on the networking and job search video lectures within the courses yourself.


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