Job Seeker Services

There is no doubt that LinkedIn can help you get a new position if you use it well.  LinkedIn is where recruiters and hiring managers spend time searching and evaluating candidates today.

But don't think being on LinkedIn will suddenly produce magical job offers. 

LinkedIn is the greatest tool for creating impressions and making connections, but you do need to invest some time yourself. Yes, this means crafting a compelling profile that matches your unique personal brand and building a strategic network.  The more you focus on these things, the easier it will be to secure an exciting job offer.  

In fact, the #1 way to get hired is from an employee referral. And yes we want to help you on this journey. In our LinkedIn Career Power program, we teach you all the steps you will need -  including how to find and develop employee relationships so you can get referred. 

Post Road Consulting Services and Support for Job Seekers

* LinkedIn for Personal Branding - Book.  This is a great place to start if you are not sure. It helps you consider your positioning and brand, which is an essential first step.

* LinkedIn Career Power Course This is a special course within Post Road Academy which is perfect for the motivated job seeker. This is a three-course bundle of mini - videos and PDF tutorials which focuses on LinkedIn Strategic Profile; LinkedIn Networking and Community; and LinkedIn Job Search. Please click through and scroll down to look at the complete curriculum for each course. This is self - paced program with all the latest LinkedIn job seeker techniques. This is a great low cost "Do it Yourself" option for someone who wants to dive in and start DOING right away.

* LinkedIn Private Coaching Package - This program is perfect for people who want personalized attention and then will commit to take personal action after the coaching. We have structured the program to be in two segments with homework in between. So we are helping you be accountable to progress.

* LinkedIn Profile "Done for You" Profile is a premium service for someone who needs more personalized help with the writing, positioning, and posting on LinkedIn. We offer this "Done for You" service in combination with the courses because the job search doesn't end when the profile is complete. We want to help you find employers and opportunities using LinkedIn. After the profile is complete, you will work on the networking and job search video lectures within the courses yourself.


Find services comparison chart below.   And please Contact us if you have any questions.  We will try to email back to you right away!

  Book “LinkedIn Career Power” Course Bundle Private Coaching Presidential DFY “Done for you” Profile
Brand and Profile Consultation No No Yes - Private Yes - Private
Professional Writing Service for Your Essay and Experience sections No No No Yes Customized
Feedback and coaching No Feedback via Email or thru LinkedIn 2 private sessions with homework Yes Private during consult
Visual Profile Enhancements Read Book then DIY Video lessons then DIY Coaching then DIY Done for You
Visibility Enhancements Read Book then DIY Video lessons then DIY Coaching then DIY Done for You
Background banner Read Book then DIY Video lessons then DIY or use one of our downloads Coaching then DIY Done for You
Accomplishments and Skills Read Book then DIY Video lessons then DIY Coaching then DIY Done for You
Profile Appearance; Clean up; and final uploading Read Book then DIY Video lessons then DIY Coaching then DIY Done for You
LinkedIn Networking Course No Yes 20+ Video lessons Coaching then DIY Yes 20+ Video lessons
LinkedIn Job Search Course No Yes 15+ Video lessons Coaching then DIY Yes 15+ Video lessons
Price $22.95 $275 $595 $1495
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