LinkedIn Deadly Sin #1 - No Photo

LinkedIn Deadly Sin # 1 - No Photo

I am surprised by how many people use LinkedIn without a photo. It is clearly the #1 LinkedIn sin. No one likes their own photo, but it is really important to put your best face forward with a smiling headshot on LinkedIn. It reflects well on your professional image.

You will connect better with a photo. Here’s how that works: If you are sending out invitations to connect, your new contacts might not realize who you are without a photo on your profile. I receive invitations without photos and I decline them. Some of the LinkedIn profiles have inappropriate photos like a dog or a tree instead of a nice headshot. I do not accept those invitations unless I absolutely know the person and I get a personalized note about why he or she wants to connect. An invitation without a face or other pertinent information makes me suspicious. It makes me wonder: “Is this a real person?”

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