Google + for Business by Sandra Long

Google + for business

Google + was introduced to the market in July of 2011. It is rapidly growing social media platform. Google+ has some distinct advantages over other social media. This includes:

Google + usage and engagement will positively impact your SEO. Basically, Google likes Google.

Google+ is integrated with your business YouTube Channel. Google owns YouTube and the two are great social partners.

Your Google + business page will be found right from the google search. Your customers and prospects can easily follow you.

Links: Google+ will link to your website and other social media platforms.

Targeted Marketing: You will be able to post content to different groups by use of Google+ circles.

Other great options from Google for businesses include: Google Places and Google Authorship. These products help establish who and where you are as a business; and who you are as an author of content.

Secrets to Success with Google+

Use a fully optimized Business Page that is integrated with YouTube and linked to your other digital properties. Make sure to actively post and engage with clients and prospects using Google+.