Employer Branding

Candidates today are on a digital journey to learn, connect and find new opportunities. Employer branding is now an essential component for today’s Human Resource leaders.   At Post Road Consulting, we specialize in the online aspects of Employer Branding.  We help companies influence savvy candidates who are on a digital journey. Our program includes two major areas:

First Impressions of Your Company  – Online -

Candidates will be looking at your employee profiles and company page on LinkedIn. If you are managing a Group, it will also be a factor in your branding. Post Road Consulting offers advice, consulting and training to help your organization create the best first impression for these savvy candidates. This may include:

* LinkedIn Profiles and Branding for Recruiting Team - Training and Online Documentation

* LinkedIn Profiles and Branding for Hiring Managers OR Employees - Training and Online Documentation

* Social Recruiting Training - for Recruiters or Hiring Managers

* LinkedIn Company Page or Group - Training, Consulting or Support

* "LinkedIn for Personal Branding" Book - Many of our clients purchase bulk quantities of Sandra Long's book for employees as a part of a workshop, kickoff, or departmental / company event 

Employer Branding

Deeper Dive Online Employer Research by Candidates

Candidates often visit 6 – 12 websites to learn about your organization after that great first impression. Where does your company stand across the web? Post Road Consulting offers a detailed audit which examines all the digital touch points for your prospective candidates. We also include a playbook with detailed recommendations for online employer branding improvements. Our clients use this playbook to inform their decision making, prioritize issues, assign tasks to team members or consultants, and procure any additional resources needed to make the necessary changes.  Our solutions include:

* Talent Brand Audit 

* Talent Brand Playbook 

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