LinkedIn Expert Trainer & Speaker in Stamford, CT

LinkedIn Speaker

Post Road Consulting LLC Owner Sandra Long is a corporate and university speaker who specializes in LinkedIn for business and career. Sandra speaks at conferences, companies, association meetings and universities. Her presentations include:

  • LinkedIn and Personal Branding
  • Real Relationships and The LinkedIn Connection
  • Be a Social Leader: What you Need to Know Now

LinkedIn Training

Post Road Consulting LLC offers LinkedIn training and consulting for corporations, organizations, universities, and associations. Corporate LinkedIn Training is available for sales, recruiting, career development and personal branding purposes. Post Road Consulting’s typical training clients are:

  • Sales teams who are trying to enhance their sales results using LinkedIn. PRC helps the team with personal and company branding, profiles, company pages, network building, and sales strategies. We also help them to upgrade and fully leverage the LinkedIn premium services, such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, if beneficial and suitable for their sales process.
  • HR and Recruiting teams that are using a combination of LinkedIn Recruiter licenses, LinkedIn Company pages, and Job postings for talent acquisition. Our HR customers are interested in branding, building a talent pipeline by networking and various LinkedIn search strategies.
  • Marketing teams who are interested in instituting Social Selling or Employee Advocacy programs. Often they have compelling company content to share on the LinkedIn platform. We help the marketing team to integrate their efforts with Sales and effectively introduce Social Selling.
  • Teams of all functions (and from various industries) that are introduced to LinkedIn for personal and company branding, network building and thought leadership. Post Road Consulting is experienced working with engineering, legal, accounting, finance, customer service, operations and all major corporate functions.

Testimonial Video from Redniss and Mead –A Civil Engineering Company in Stamford

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Customer Reviews from Stamford
Drew Saunders from Stamford, CT
5 Stars
Jun 7th, 2017
Sandra does an excellent job providing “Social Selling” training and coaching for our Stamford office. We closed several transactions and added pipeline opportunities that are directly correlated to our focus on LinkedIn with Post Road Consulting support. We have worked with her company for two years. Our broker profiles are customer friendly and reflect company branding. Our team has learned to open new doors and connect into new opportunities more efficiently. Sandra also helped our office to upgrade and leverage LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator solution. I highly recommend Sandra Long and Post Road Consulting for any engagement including Social Selling (LinkedIn for Sales). She always goes “above and beyond” to help her clients achieve success. Our brokers have high praise for the personalized support!
Jocelyn Hauser from Stamford, CT
5 Stars
Dec 6th, 2016
Sandra and her team recently conducted a workshop at my company. Best, most valuable 3 hours spent at a workshop in a long time. Sandra researched our firm, investigated our biggest challenges such as lack of employer branding and recruiting in a noninvasive, quick, enjoyable manner. At the workshop, she and her team provided our company information (and hands on instruction) to be uploaded onto our personal pages for a top notch professional look! Our employees have now become brand ambassadors for our organization while simultaneously improving their personal image! All 20 attendees of this workshop had fantastic feedback and felt the 3 hour workshop was well worth their time! Since the workshop was so hands on, all participants walked away with a finished product for their LI profiles. We will be working more with PRC in 2017 for enhanced client prospecting/LI strategies, specifically for our sales team. Thank you Sandra, Heather and Craig for making me look good to my employees! I am considered an HR hero because of you!
Mary G. A. from Stamford, Ct,
5 Stars
Jan 18th, 2016
Sandra at PRC is simply amazing! She provides a wealth of insights – with great style. She helped me with my personal page as well as my company page – and in a matter of hours helped me “demystify” how to use LinkedIn.
Jim D. from Stamford, CT
5 Stars
Feb 1st, 2016
Sandra is a terrific partner. She collaborated with us to deliver a series of workshops for my HR team on improving our LinkedIn brand, both as individuals and as a company. Her mastery of the LinkedIn platform and broad perspective of leveraging networks have helped improve our recruiting and talent outreach. Sandra's patient and enthusiastic delivery style make the content easier to adopt
Jennifer B. from Stamford, Ct,
5 Stars
Jun 6th, 2015
It was an extreme pleasure to work with Sandra. She is a true expert in LinkedIn but more importantly she is a smart, creative, intuitive person who really wants to help you represent yourself in your best light. She took the time to get to know me and understand my needs. I learned a tremendous amount about Linkedin and it's functionality especially about how I can brand myself via LinkedIn. I highly recommend her. It is time and money very well spent!!